4 Incredible Facts About the Diamond

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Diamonds truly are amazing. Not only are they the hardest substance that we know of, but people have been attracted to their brilliance and diversity for thousands of years. And while the list of interesting details about this gem could fill a book, there are a few facts that might leave you scratching your head in disbelief. Simply follow the links, and you’ll discover that there’s more to the diamond than you ever imagined.

  1. There’s a diamond the size of a moon. And it’s named after a Beatles song.

Nestled in the Centaurus constellation about 50 light-years from Earth is the crystallized husk of a star that puts Queen Elizabeth’s crown jewels to shame. BPM 37093, or ‘Lucy’ (in a nod to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”), was once a white dwarf, but after the star spent all its energy, the 4,000-kilometer core remained, and compressed into diamond. The same thing will happen to our sun as well, scientists say.

  1. That sparkle in a candle flame? Diamonds.

Believe it or not, the beautiful and hypnotic flicker of a candle’s flame is actually due to millions of diamond nanoparticles. About five years ago, scientists discovered that a candle flame contains all four known forms of carbon, with diamonds right in the flame’s center – about 1.5 million generated per second. And just as quickly, these tiny diamonds are converted into carbon dioxide.

  1. You can make diamonds out of tequila.

Engineers have manufactured synthetic diamonds for industrial use for a long time, but in 2008, a team of scientists in Mexico figured out how to craft diamonds out of 80-proof tequila. By vaporizing the tequila at 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, the scientists broke the liquor into its basic molecules and then used the resulting carbon to coat surfaces in a thin diamond layer.

  1. There are places where diamonds rain from the sky.

Don’t buy a plane ticket just yet; those diamond skies are located over the surfaces of Jupiter and Saturn. And thanks to the extreme heat and pressure of their respective atmospheres, that rain potentially is in the form of liquid diamonds. Scientists made the discovery about three years ago, also postulating that when the diamond rain sinks into the gas giants’ interiors, they may be crushed into solid diamonds the size of icebergs.

There are numerous other fascinating facts about the diamond (the tequila trick can also be done with peanut butter), but these tidbits should serve as some great conversation starters at your next dinner party. Just make sure there are plenty of candles for the occasion.

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