An Anniversary Surprise

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Because every piece of jewelry has a story

At Jeff Johnson & Company, we believe that every piece of jewelry we touch is part of a remarkable story. And every day we bring those stories to life. In fact, one of our favorite stories involves our clients, Jeff and Noreen Print. As a couple they love to hike and climb, and they collect rocks as keepsakes of their journeys. Many of these rocks end up in their home or yard.

A while back Jeff and Noreen were nearing the end of an adventurous hike in the Smoky Mountains when Noreen tripped, fell and broke her finger. Unfortunately, her ring had to be cut off due to the swelling. After some time passed and her finger healed, Noreen decided to have the ring repaired. During one of their shopping excursions for a new piece of jewelry or a new diamond, Jeff suggested making a piece of jewelry out of one of the rocks he had collected on their many hikes. Little did he know, Noreen had already put that plan into action.

As a gift for their 30th wedding anniversary, Noreen decided to have a ring made for Jeff using a stone he had collected on Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States. She came to Jeff Johnson & Company to complete the task. Jenny Swift, a goldsmith at Jeff Johnson, designed the exact ring that Noreen pictured. She used a diamond saw to hand cut the stone to the shape Noreen wanted and then carved the wax to fit the stone. After the wax was approved, we cast the ring in sterling silver, cleaned the casting and set the stone. Here’s a look at the finished product.

At Jeff Johnson, we love to create custom pieces that tell the stories of people’s lives. For Noreen and Jeff, that story included 30 years of hiking and collecting rocks from the many places they’d been. The one-of-a-kind ring that we created represented 30 years of memories.

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