Aaron Miller

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“It is imperative for our peace that we adhere closely to our own highest ideals; and the closer we come to that objective, the greater will be our inner peace.” – Aaron’s Great Grandfather, Percy J. Butler

Aaron’s natural draw to natural beauty is what led him to enter into the jewelry industry. A precious gem and mineral collector from a very young age, he eventually decided to pursue an education in Jewelry Arts at the New Approach School for Jewelers.

Aaron’s main passion within the goldsmith trade is 100% handmade jewelry fabrication. A combination of old school techniques, his style is a building process without the aid of modern digital technology. The music he listens to while at his bench reflect this appreciation of his craft, as he prefers to listen to music without words in fear that the language might distract from the language of the piece of jewelry.

Aaron’s many travels inspire his work and have been an aid to his 16 years of experience as a goldsmith. Having worked for fine retailers and manufacturers including Tiffany and Co., he believes travel is an integral part of his lifestyle and cultivation of skills. When he is not busy being an artist, builder, creator, and tradesman, Aaron can be found cooking, enjoying the theater, or at a dance lesson.