When you visit us, you’ll speak with an Artisan.

“Going to a jeweler and speaking to an actual jeweler—I never realized how unique it was until I experienced it at JJ&Co.”

— Lindsey S.

“I never felt pressured to just ‘buy’ something. I’ve never been to a jeweler that truly listened to what I needed. It was a wonderful experience.”

— Audrey Z.

“Working with these guys to get the perfect engagement ring was the experience of a lifetime.”

— Jackie B.

Our Process


We’re storytellers at heart. But, since we’re telling your story, we’re excellent listeners, too. The first step is getting to know you. Getting to know who you are is just as important as learning what you want.


The true talent of our artisans lies in their ability to take your intangible emotions, goals and aspirations for your jewelry and translate them into a three dimensional idea. It’s a collaborative process that continues until you’re delighted.


Some of our artisans use state-of-the-art computer design programs to develop their creations. Others are more comfortable developing their pieces with traditional wax modeling. The important thing is that design is a process. And you’ll be involved every step of the way.


Even though you’ve been involved from beginning to end, it’s always an exciting revelation when you see your finished creation for the first time. It’s the culmination of an experience like no other. There’s a depth of emotion attached to it that resonates for a lifetime, and even for generations.

Finding Your Personal Artisan

Pairing you up with the right artisan is the key to a great experience. Contact us to begin the process of finding your personal artisan to craft your perfect piece of jewelry.

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