Creating an Heirloom

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An heirloom can be so many things: the Breitling watch from your Grandfather, the white oak dining room table made by your Dad, or the exquisite diamond engagement ring that has been passed down from generation to generation. Heirlooms are always given from the heart, and at JJ&Co. we believe they are best when made by hand.


Our client came to us with his own personal story that he hoped to share through an heirloom pendant. Using yellow gold, he envisioned a hummingbird to represent his daughter, a tree to symbolize his son, and a tulip to be the sign of his wife. He had only one specific that we were happy to accommodate; a one ounce gold bar was to be the canvas that held his vision. Other than this simple request, Rich used his artistry in lost wax casting, his eye for design, and his impeccable craftsmanship to take care of the rest.

What was born of this vision became a beautiful piece of art. A pendant that tells not just a story but a narrative of love and life. An heirloom to be passed down from one generation, one wearer, one heart to another.