From the Battlefield to the Bench

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This original World War II Infantry ID bracelet came to us in the hands of a young man who had just inherited some of his late grandfather’s jewelry. Unsure of whether he wanted to replicate or restore the original piece, he ultimately decided to go with recreation in order to prevent damage to the original. This left us with a fun, challenging, and rewarding project.

The decision to do a lost wax casting was made based on the technique Rich would use to get an impression of the piece. From there, he did research on the original insignia to ensure accuracy in both color and structure of the centerpiece. After this, the carving began.

Once the casting was complete, Rich hand engraved both the ID and the Regiment’s motto, “Right of the Line.” The colors in the insignia were then painted, and left to dry for 48 hours to ensure accuracy.

So often we hear, “The monetary value means nothing, the sentimental value is everything.” This was certainly one of those moments, one of those opportunities, and one of those extraordinarily rewarding chances to honor the legacy of a cherished family member.