How to Care for Your Engagement Ring: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

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Whether you are newly engaged (congratulations!) or have worn your precious token of a promised future for many years, these five dos and don’ts pack a lot of punch for proper ring and fine jewelry maintenance.

One. DON’T Clean your home with your ring on, and be sure to always avoid chlorine. Harsh chemicals wreak havoc on the mounting of your ring, and can actually discolor and erode the gold and platinum. Keep small ring dishes around the house as a safe place for you to take off your ring before gardening, cleaning, and doing the dishes. 

Two. DO Come in and get your ring inspected and professionally cleaned every six months to a year. We look for loose stones, prong health, and metal durability. 

Three. DO Take off your ring during strenuous activity. Hey you crossfitters – keep the ring at home! Hand heavy activities are not the place for a precious piece of jewelry. 

Four. DON’T Remove your ring in public. It’s not worth the risk. Ever. 

Five. DO Get insurance. Like a car, the sooner your ring is insured the sooner you are protected. Once the ring is purchased and in your possession you can begin to start shopping for a coverage provider. 

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