Meet Carol Huston

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When Carol Huston got the phone call from Jeff Johnson, asking her to work in his new store, she jumped at the chance. “It sounded like such a nice fit,” she recalled. “It was an opportunity to be creative and interact with people. And everyone there is so fun to work with. It truly is the best of all worlds—to do what I love in a relaxing, professional and creative environment. To me, it’s like a dream job.”

Huston currently works at Jeff Johnson & Co. about three days a week. When she’s in the showroom, she is the face of the business, with customer interaction as her primary focus. More specifically, Huston works with JJ & Co. customers who are looking to redesign older jewelry pieces into something new. “For instance, a man who lost his son wanted something special that he could wear every day in remembrance of his son,” she explained. “I designed a pendant that mirrored the logo on the back of his son’s racing jacket.”

No stranger to the jewelry business, Huston worked at the Diamond Cellar for 10 years. She later opened a retail shop in Upper Arlington called Over My Head where she sold wigs and headwear for cancer patients. After 10 years, Huston sold the business, and it is now located at OhioHealth’s Bing Cancer Center on the campus of Riverside Methodist Hospital.

Working at Jeff Johnson & Co.

It’s no wonder Johnson hand-picked Huston to work in his jewelry store. Her background at the Diamond Cellar and owning a retail shop make her the perfect fit for working one-on-one with customers and helping them feel at home. “Working at Jeff Johnson & Co. is more like working with family. It is a customer-focused environment of total creativity,” she said. “That gives us the freedom to do what we want to do in the best possible way. We get to talk with the other designers and learn from each other. Everybody is so positive, and it’s always about doing what is best for the customer.”

Huston also likes that every jewelry project is different. “Every customer has a different request, and we are constantly being challenged to do what’s best for every person,” she said. “It’s a collaborative—not competitive—environment, with the goldsmiths working in plain sight.” That setting usually leads to a conversation with the customer, and it makes JJ & Co. customers feel like they are a part of the process.

Personal Life

Huston has lived in Columbus since 1976, long enough to call it home. She has two grown daughters and two step-daughters. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, walking, drawing and painting, and getting together with friends.

The next time you’re in the showroom, say hello to Carol. We guarantee she’ll make you feel like family.

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