Meet Vicki Poliseno

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When Jeff Johnson asked Vicki Poliseno to join the team at Jeff Johnson & Co., she didn’t hesitate to say yes. They had worked together for more than 16 years at the Diamond Cellar, so she was already keenly familiar with the people and the business. In a sense, it would be like coming home. “It’s been great to be back,” Poliseno said. “I come to work every day, and it’s fun. I get to work with Jeff and everyone else on staff. We all have a common background, so we’ve established a trust with each other. It’s also a beautiful store, and I like that it’s small and personal for the customers.”

But Poliseno brings much more to the table than a strong professional bond with Johnson and her co-workers. Not only is she a master at what she does, but she has the resume to prove it. It all started years ago when she worked at a jewelry store at Eastland Mall. After that, she joined the team at Franklin International, and that’s where she launched her career in business operations. Later, when her husband, who was working in the jewelry business at that time, heard that the Diamond Cellar was looking for someone with her expertise, she applied for the job.

In 1988, Poliseno launched her 16-year career at the Diamond Cellar where she established accounting, bookkeeping, inventory, human resources and point-of-sale procedures. Poliseno held various positions during her time with the Diamond Cellar, including vice president of operations and vice president of sales, as well as director of the Easton store from 2001 until her departure in 2004.

Poliseno then went on to work for a nonprofit called Adventures for Wish Kids (A Kid Again) as director of operations, and later for Learning Circle Education Services. At both of these organizations, she built the business infrastructure, from accounting to payroll to human resources.

Back Home Again

After leaving the Diamond Cellar, Poliseno never lost touch with Johnson and the other people who now make up the team of talented professionals at Jeff Johnson & Co. So bringing the team back together as a new entity was a no-brainer. Along with Jeff Johnson and Rich Adams, Poliseno completed the core team. The foursome of three licensed gemologists and an operations specialist who had worked so well together at the Diamond Cellar were back in business. “It really truly was like coming back home in a professional sense,” Poliseno explained.

But Poliseno isn’t the only person who’s excited about the business reunion. She hears similar feedback from their customers. “We have people who come in and like the small, personal and comfortable atmosphere,” she said. “Carol, Jay and Rich sit and work with customers for hours, educating them and answering questions. It’s all about establishing those relationships.”

At Jeff Johnson & Co., people naturally feel at ease the moment they walk into the showroom. With an emphasis on delivering a high level of customer service in a no-pressure, home-like atmosphere, even first-time buyers don’t feel intimidated. “It’s just comfortable, and people feel at ease. It’s okay to walk around and ask questions,” Poliseno said. And that’s the primary differentiator, along with the incredible amount of talent from gemologists who can do everything from wax carvings to CAD/CAM.

Personal Life

Poliseno leads a busy life at work, but that doesn’t stop when she gets home. She and her husband, Mike, have five children and 11 grandchildren. Three of those grandchildren live in the same household with Poliseno and her husband, which means there’s always plenty of activity. Free time mainly consists of attending kids’ sporting events and spending time with the family.

As word of mouth spreads and various marketing efforts take effect, Poliseno is excited about watching the business grow and the contributions she can make. “I don’t draw and make jewelry,” she said. “But I’m good at the nuts and bolts of the business.”


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