Ring Resizing: The Jeff Johnson & Co. Difference

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Dovetail sizing

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about resizing your wedding band or favorite ring, but you just never seem to get around to it. It’s a task that easily gets moved to the bottom of the to-do list. But a loose-fitting ring—or one that fits too snugly on your finger—can be a constant source of discomfort. And the thought of losing a treasured family heirloom is heartbreaking.

Fortunately, ring resizing is a simple, straightforward way to prevent this from happening. Here are a few things to know before you get started.

How to Tell If Your Ring Needs Resized 

In most cases, losing a significant amount of weight can cause your ring to fit too loosely on your finger. This is even more noticeable during the winter months when cold weather tends to make your fingers contract. As a general rule, a ring should easily slide onto your finger and be slightly harder to remove with a light brush against your skin. If it constantly feels like it’s about to fall off, it probably needs resized.

Laser welded platinum

The Jeff Johnson & Co. Difference

At Jeff Johnson & Co., we use two resizing methods that greatly improve the outcome: dove tailing and laser welding. Dove tailing, which is used to increase the size of a ring, allows us to make an angled cut rather than a straight cut. This angled cut is much stronger than a straight line, which can easily break. Although dove tailing requires more time and a little more material, we believe it yields superior results.

Laser welding is the second method, and we use it to resize platinum rings. Traditional platinum soldering is done with a platinum alloy that is softer than regular platinum, so it drags out when polished. Laser welding makes it possible to use the same alloy as the ring, so it’s equally as strong as the ring and leaves no visible seam.

“Platinum melts at temperatures that would burn the surface of most gemstones, so you have a problem with the heating,” explained Gemologist Rich Adams “But with the laser, we can hold it in our hands while we’re doing it. That shows you how pinpointed the welding actually is.”

Not Every Ring Can be Resized 

You should also know that resizing can be difficult or even impossible, depending on a few variables. For instance, resizing a plain gold band is a straightforward process. But some materials, such as tungsten, cobalt and titanium, limit your resizing options. These exceptionally hard metals are nearly impossible to resize because of their properties. Since it’s never wise to purchase a ring that can’t be resized, we recommend avoiding a ring made with these materials.

In the end, resizing a treasured ring can make it more comfortable to wear and reduce the chances of it slipping off your finger. Our professionals are happy to take a look at your ring and help you determine the best way to improve its fit. Call or visit us today.

Welded platinum with the seam pulled out from polishing

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