The Three Most Common Questions About Custom Design

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Custom Design is often thought to be exclusive only to those with unlimited funds and a clear understanding of what they want to create. Completely contrary to today’s add-to-cart world, it is a creative process between the designer, goldsmith, and client and is not discriminatory to any budget or any design. It is what we as jewelers love to do, and considered an honor to bring the dream to life.

Here are the three most common questions in regards to custom design. It is our goal to inspire more people to consider this process as there is no other piece of jewelry as special as the one that comes from your heart.

1.) Is it expensive?

Our aim is to consistently provide the best value within our client’s budget. Depending on the design, custom jewelry can cost less than manufactured pieces. It is always worth it to ask! The money spent on custom design goes towards jewelry that is made to last, unlike typical mass produced jewelry that is simply not designed with longevity in mind. Artistry, design, and craftsmanship are always worth the extra time and pennies.

2.) How long does it take?

Timelines can vary, but on average about 4-8 weeks. The complexity of the design plays a big part as well as diamond and gemstone sourcing. You’re a part of the process every step of the way, and our hope is that you enjoy the experience as much as our product.

3.) What is the process?

It all begins with an initial consultation (if you are interested in a virtual appointment, click here). This is where we discuss design ideas, take a peek at any stones you may have and chat about your design inspiration. After we have gathered enough information, we take 1-2 weeks to put together a hand-sketch or go straight to rendering and CAD. From here it takes 1-2 weeks for the wax mold, and approximately two weeks for your finished engagement ring. Timelines are determined by how many custom jobs are currently in our queue, and of course the hopeful date in which you wish to either propose or gift your custom piece.

We hope this helped simplify what can seem a complicated process. Jewelry is meant to be thoughtful and intentional: with custom jewelry the process is as purposeful as the product.

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