Virtual Appointments with JJ&Co.

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hand sketching custom engagement ring

Virtual Appointments at JJ&Co. were designed to honor the practice of social distancing and to accommodate the incredibly busy lives of our clients. Whether you are considering a new custom necklace for your daughter’s birthday or are looking to design a dream engagement ring, it can all be done at a distance.

Just like our regular showroom appointments, it begins with an initial consultation. This is where we discuss design inspirations, personal preferences, and any other ideas and input you may have. Our designers add their expertise and knowledge, but it remains a true collaboration throughout the entire process.

If the desired piece will incorporate a diamond or a colored stone, selections are made based off your preferences and budget while honoring our quality and ethics standards. Although nothing compares to seeing a diamond or sapphire in person, we transfer the enchantment through photo and video.

Custom work is a process that involves close communication. You are involved each step of the way, and will always be able to make design adjustments before giving the green light to proceed.

It is our mission to make the experience as memorable as the final product. When creating an heirloom, it is extraordinarily important that we provide an unforgettable memory to go along with a cherished object.

To schedule a virtual appointment with us, kindly click this link and we will promptly respond.

Jeff Johnson & Co. is a full-service jeweler located in Upper Arlington, Ohio. We specialize in custom engagement rings, keepsakes for significant moments, and giving new life to family heirlooms. Our gemologists are trained by the Gemological Institute of America, and they work closely with each customer to ensure that we meet your vision and beyond. Stop by our showroom at 5025 Arlington Centre Blvd. (off Henderson Road), call 614-459-8890, or You can also follow us on Facebook at Jeff Johnson & Co.