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At Jeff Johnson & Co., one of our favorite things to do is create high-quality heirloom jewelry. In fact, nothing exemplifies this more than the original-design, personalized family crosses we create for our customers. Jeff Johnson designed the crosses based on inspiration from a dear friend who once shared this advice: “JJ, this is the order: God, family and work. If your priorities are straight, the decisions you make will be the right ones.”

The conversation prompted Jeff to design the crosses, which feature diamonds on one side and the birthstones of your family members on the other. Available in 14 karat white or yellow gold, with an 18-inch chain, the necklaces come in three sizes: mini, medium and large. Each size varies according to the number of diamonds and birthstones.

Like everything we do at Jeff Johnson, the process of crafting the crosses is very specialized. Here’s a closer look at the steps:

  • Raw casting: Every cross begins with the old-world casting process called lost wax casting. Wax is produced from a master mold and then replaced or “lost” by molten gold. After the metal cools, it’s ready for the craftsman’s touch.
  • Finishing: Here the craftsman uses his or her skill to file, sand and burnish the metal to achieve a finished, handcrafted look. Every action deliberately and meticulously removes the rough casting surfaces without compromising the design.
  • Polishing: During several steps in the process, the craftsman uses various methods to further brighten the metal to its final glow. Small bristle brushes and various polishing compounds are used to gradually smooth any scratches that remain from the previous finishing step.
  • Diamond setting: This begins by cutting a seat in the metal. The diamond or birthstone is then gently placed into position. A small hammer and chisel are used to push down the metal prongs, further securing the stone.
  • Attaching the chain: In this final step, the craftsman threads the chain through the bail of the cross and delicately welds it to the final jump ring.

At Jeff Johnson & Co., our goal is to create the highest quality heirloom jewelry at the most reasonable price. Our commitment to quality dictates that we use brilliant diamonds with a strictly graded GH color and SI1 clarity. Each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. The birthstones we use surpass any available in the commercial market, including two grade choices for both emerald and ruby. Each Family Cross comes with our personal coaching to guide you through the various options.

To learn more about Family Crosses from Jeff Johnson & Co., visit, or call us at 614.459.8890.

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