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At Jeff Johnson & Co., we help our customers define their style with exquisite jewelry and keepsakes. We pride ourselves in offering a large selection of beautifully designed, timeless pieces while also providing expert repair and reinvention.

Engagement Rings

Personalized engagement rings are the perfect symbol of where you have been as a couple and where you are going together. You can begin the next chapter of your life by choosing the perfect ring from our selection or having a custom ring designed in our workshop. Either way, you can count on our help and guidance.

Special Occasion Keepsakes

Our handcrafted jewelry can be custom designed to commemorate graduations, anniversaries, or people in your life. With a selection of precious gemstones and metals, our craftsmen can design a keepsake that perfectly honors the occasion.

Repairs and Reinventions

Life happens, and sometimes our most prized possessions suffer bumps and bruises along the way. The passing of time also causes an heirloom to lose some of its shine or become unwearable. If your jewelry has been damaged in some way or needs to be resized, we can help. Our skilled craftsmen can restore your keepsakes to like new condition.

We can also breathe new life into old treasures. We redesign jewelry and keepsakes using modern techniques and technologies. You can incorporate precious metals, add or replace gems, or refresh other aspects of the piece’s design.

We are here for all of your jewelry needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you define your style./