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Platinum is a rising star in the world of jewelry. And it’s no wonder, considering that its elegant, silvery-white color, which won’t fade over time, accentuates the brightness of diamonds. These characteristics make it increasingly popular for engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum is also an extremely rare metal, which adds to its value and distinctiveness. And, it’s hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin or a metal allergy.

Buying Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is not usually pure platinum, but rather platinum mixed with other metals. It should always be labeled to indicate the amount of pure platinum as compared to other platinum group metals or base metals in the jewelry.

An item labeled platinum without any qualification should be at least 95% pure platinum. Most platinum jewelry sold in the United States is labeled 850 Plat. or 850 Pt., which indicates the item is 85% platinum and 15% other metals. If a piece contains less than 50% pure platinum, it should not be labeled platinum.

You can see examples of platinum jewelry labels on the Federal Trade Commission website, along with additional consumer information about buying platinum jewelry.

Caring for Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is an especially low-maintenance option for jewelry. Unlike other metals, it does not tarnish or corrode. However, as with any fine jewelry, you should take a few simple steps to protect your platinum items and keep them looking new. Remove your jewelry during physical activities that may put stress on the item, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals (the platinum will not be damaged, but gemstones may discolor), and store your jewelry in a clean, dry and secure space when you’re not wearing it.

Platinum does not wear away over time, but it will develop a patina finish. Some people prefer this rich finish, but you can also preserve the high shine of your platinum jewelry by having it professionally polished.

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