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Five Tips for Vintage Ring Shopping

After years of searching, you found the perfect girl and decided she is the one. Your future bride has narrowed her dream engagement ring down to one word: vintage. Queue the confusion and overwhelm. Just when you thought the search was over, another search begins. Unlike the quest for the girl, we’re here to help …
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The Three Most Common Questions About Custom Design

Custom Design is often thought to be exclusive only to those with unlimited funds and a clear understanding of what they want to create. Completely contrary to today’s add-to-cart world, it is a creative process between the designer, goldsmith, and client and is not discriminatory to any budget or any design. It is what we …
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Engagement on a Budget

Maybe it is the increasing amount of daylight hours or the way the earth feels like it is waking up from winter’s cold spell – but love is in the air, friends! We could not be happier as this season brings anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and engagements right along with it. While we are busy …
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How to Care for Your Engagement Ring: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you are newly engaged (congratulations!) or have worn your precious token of a promised future for many years, these five dos and don’ts pack a lot of punch for proper ring and fine jewelry maintenance. One. DON’T Clean your home with your ring on, and be sure to always avoid chlorine. Harsh chemicals wreak …
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Virtual Appointments with JJ&Co.

Virtual Appointments at JJ&Co. were designed to honor the practice of social distancing and to accommodate the incredibly busy lives of our clients. Whether you are considering a new custom necklace for your daughter’s birthday or are looking to design a dream engagement ring, it can all be done at a distance. Just like our …
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